• Scrub Camp
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    First it was PlantCamp in 2018, then it was LandCamp in 2019. Now, a new year, a new ecosystem and this year its some good old scrub country. More details to come soon.
  • Goodbye Aroona 2020
    Sat, 19 Dec
    QTFN Aroona
    That's all our surveys for this first year of the C4RE partnership so we want to say a big thanks to everyone by throwing a party and sharing what we found.
  • Botanical Drawing 2020
    Sat, 05 Dec
    The University of Queensland
    The ever popular botanical drawing day is back, with everyone invited along to learn from this year's artist.
  • Bird Bivouac 2020
    Sat, 24 Oct
    QTFN Aroona
    It's the annual Aussie Backyard Bird count and where better to be watching our feathered friends than on a 2000ha hidden gem tucked away in the Little Liverpool Range. Come along and learn from our experts about how we survey birds, and what makes them tick.
  • Plant Camp 2020
    Sat, 26 Sep
    QTFN Aroona
    Get out among the blossoms of September with our experts to learn about all things plants. Pick up some skills in basic identification, chill out with some botanical drawing and help us scour the old growth forests for new species.
  • Mammal Muster 2020
    Sat, 20 Jun
    QTFN Aroona
    The cute furry things everyone wants to see. But what is out there apart from the big kangaroos and koalas? How do we count and look for the things that are small and shy? And what can we do to help the species on the brink of extinction?
  • Invert Adventure 2020
    Sat, 15 Feb
    QTFN Aroona
    Invertebrates can tell us a lot about the health of our environment, and some of them are down-right amazing in their own right. From rainbow caterpillars to sneaky cuckoo wasps, Invert Adventures will give you a taste of the life of an entomologist.